FHM 100% Hottie - Paulene So


A good old friend of mine, Paulene So, needs a lot of votes and comments so that she can make it to the FHM 100% Hottie! You can vote and comment more than once and please make sure it’s a flattering comment .

Here are some of her pictures.

Simply click on the link below so that you can get more info and pictures of her.

FHM 100% Hottie - Paulene So

To post a comment:
Register at FHM.com.ph, visit Paulene So's page and at the bottom left you will see this:

Click on the post comment and starting writing your comment. You can post as many comments you like.

To vote:
At the bottom right after the article you will see this:

Click on the stars and then refresh the page so that you can vote again.

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