Ricky Martin Came Out of His Shell


It is such coincidence that on my way home last night, Ricky Martins “Nobody Wants to Lonely” was playing in the jeep and I remembered an old conversation I had with a friend. My friend was a DJ in one of the radio stations in Dubai and as much as he didn’t want to play Ricky Martins songs he had to. We talked about not really liking the guy even though he had good looks and great body; we were just not into him! As I heard the song playing and thought about that conversation I ended up telling myself, “Agh! He’s GAY! Looks gay and might be gay,” and to my surprise look what I just read this morning in Yahoo! News when I was about to check my mail “Ricky Martin Comes Out”! As I read the article about him admitting he’s a homosexual, I wasn’t surprised and almost everyone knows about it. Ever since this morning, I was itching to write my reaction about him coming out of his shell but since I was in the office the entry had to wait and good thing I did! I left a tab opened in Mozilla about the article and another for his official website where he wrote and admitted his true feelings. While working the whole day, I read at one of Azraels plurk that he couldn’t find his photo with Ricky martin and he was the topic of the day in the radio which made me think about Ricky Martin more than I should have.

Numerous questions kept popping in my mind, “Why on earth did he let this out in the open?” “Is it because he wanted attention since he’s been silent for all these years?” “Did he want more publicity so that everyone would check out his new project?” Then, I remembered the movie “Valentine’s Day”, there was this scene that the famous football player admits he’s gay and he was all over the news. It also made me recall J. P. Calderon when he fully admits that he’s gay when he had an offer to be the cover model of Instinct Magazine (America's #1 Gay Magazine) in “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency” and everyone he knew accepted him.

It has been a long day and it’s time that I should remove the thoughts about Ricky Martin and this is what I have to say. I don’t mind if the guy is a homosexual and years ago a lot of people were discriminating homosexuals. People didn’t like the thought of having a third gender back then, they would outcast gay or lesbian folks, talk about and for celebrities it would be really ruin their career. There is still some discrimination until today but people change and are more open to change than before. More homosexuals are out in the open and free to speak their mind which is a good thing. We are all human beings and we should accept people for who they are. I don’t have any grudge or inklings with homosexuals; it’s the negative treatment that other people give them that I really hate. If a person admits their true gender or feelings, deal with it, accept it, be open with it and don’t judge them like you’re all perfect.

Ricky Martin wrote “Today is my day, this is my time, and this is my moment,” I would have to agree that you really made your moment when you came out of the closet. Welcome to the open world! :P

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