Vodka Night


Ever since I was kid, my parents would always throw me huge parties. I remembered my 12th and 13th birthday; I only invited a handful of friends since I got tired of numerous friends being invited. I have to admit that throwing an enormous party is fun but it’s also tiring. There’s a lot of preparation with the food, drinks, cleaning, invitations, etc. After my 13th birthday I could only remember a couple of birthday parties that I threw, there was the one when I turned 14 and my debut. The following birthdays were just close friends, my family and close relatives.

I just turned 25 and I realized that I’m not getting any younger and it has been a while since I last organized my own birthday bash! With a small budget I’m still pushing through and thanks to a dear friend we had everything finalized. A couple of my relatives commented that it seems it’s going to be a grand party. “Are you planning on a second debut?” I told them that it’s not going to be that huge and it’s been a while since I last had a party.

One of the main reasons that I’m throwing this party is because I’m treating it as my very own gift to myself! After being in two long toxic relationships I decided to be single and I love it. I have been celebrating my birthdays with my ex and close loved ones that I didn’t get the chance to celebrate it with my other friends. I’m treating my 25th birthday party as a reunion to all my friends that I haven’t seen in years, months and weeks.

I want this party to be huge, fun and exciting. It really is a big treat for me; I’m celebrating my birthday for these reasons, get together with old friends, being single and loving it!

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