Charice Live in L.A.


Charice did a mini concert last March 19, 2010 on the KIIS FM stage at Nokia Plaza tonight in L.A. She sang 3 of her latest songs, In This Song, Reset and Pyramid.

I really like her song Reset; I like the tune and the message of the song. As I kept listening to the song, it’s about a girl that’s busy going on tours, shows and having a long distance relationship. She finds it hard and is having second thoughts on their relationship and instead of breaking up she wants a “reset”. She still loves the person and wants the old feelings she had when they started and not the feelings she has that’s making their relationship fade.

I can't wait for her album! Its going to be out on May 11 in the States. You can pre-order her album in iTunes or Amazon.

You can check her mini concert below (thanks to playecfan5244):

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