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My friend, Tack Yarza, is having a Birthday Benefit Dinner on Friday, May 14th 2010 at Makati Park & Garden in Guadalupe.

Tack or Kcat Yarza, also known as Maria Kathrina Lopez Yarza, has been a good friend and classmate of mine. I’ve known her for almost 10 years and she has been the most positive and strongest person I have ever met. We were classmates in college and from what I recall she was one of the best in our class. I always wondered why I seldom see her and when I do she was always smiling, making jokes that brightens everyone’s day. I remembered we had this class in our color theory; it was our first time to do abstract painting, whenever there was a great paint our professor, Sir Ng, would post it on the bulletin board. Tack was absent when it was posted and after a week she saw her painting, I really couldn’t forget what she said, she laugh and comment “Who would have thought I’d see my artwork posted there even if I’m not always here?!” That was way back 1st year of college; I didn’t see her much after that since I changed my section from B to A, so I barely saw her. After I graduated I was all into the internet again and guess who I always chatted with? Yes, it was Tack! I was didn’t know how to make a decent resume and I had my eye on call centers, so she was there on YM and she gave me pointers and all. Months and years passed by, I even remembered she visited my place when Maddie brought her there. She was all happy and okay as I always remembered and to my surprise Maddie told me that Tack’s in the hospital! That’s when I knew she had Neurofibromatosis Type2 (NF2).

Neurofibromatosis Type2 (NF2) is a rare genetic disorder of tumor growth in the nerves including the brain area. She has numerous tumors that have spread through her body which cause complications. The next few sentences are really hard for me and yes it hurts on my end, but here I go. She can’t properly move her face because of weak facial muscles, her left hand and leg is partially paralyzed, she has a blurry vision, can’t swallow, can’t properly smile and most of all she is (as much as I don’t want to say this) DEAF! Instead of being all sad, Tack accepted this and she didn’t lose hope. One day she stumbled on a website on the internet about a device that can make her hear again! The device was expensive and she did everything she could to raise enough funds. She started by selling T-Shirts that has an abstract ear and called it he hEAR shirt. Word got out, about Tacks project and even the media helped out in promoting her campaign.

After the entire struggle, she can hear the world again and it doesn’t stop there! She still has to undergo a lot of surgery, medical treatment and physical rehabilitation. Tack continues to sell hEAR shirts and other products like button pins, wrist band and mobile charms. This fund raising event is to help her with all those treatment and it would really be a huge help for her. Let’s all help Tack by attending to her birthday benefit dinner.

There’s going to be live bands, stand up comedians, a delicious dinner, open bar and raffles draw during the program. As Tack said in her website “M y goal for this event is: 'everyone should be happy'.. Happy tummy because of the delicious foods.. Happy spirit because of the fun during the event.. Happy soul because you help someone & be a blessing to me.. and of course HAPPY faces because we're all happy happy joy joy! Yey!”

You can contact Tacks mother, Madge Yarza, for tickets at 0927-245-9400.

To know more about Tack Yarza you can visit her sites listed below:



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