Vampire Diaries


I’ve heard of Vampire Diaries for months but I didn’t get to watch until this week. I would have to say that I really like this TV Series. The stories are unpredictable and really interesting. I’m waiting for the two episodes for its 1st season.

Vampire Diaries is about how two teenage siblings, Elena and Jeremy Gilbert, cope up with the tragedy of their parents death a few months ago. As the new school year starts, Elena meets and is attracted to the new guy in school, Stefan Salvatore, who turns out to be a vampire that a century and a half older than her. The story gets better when Stefan’s older brother, Damon Salvatore, arrives and gives color to the story. Damon and Stefan were close and they fell in love with the same person, Katherine Pierce. After more than a century, Damon found it interesting that Stefan is in love with a girl that looks exactly like Katherine. As the evil brother, Damon wanted Stefans life ruined along with those he holds dear to him.

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