A Dark Hallway & A Mysterious Cult


I had this dream a few hours ago.

It was dark and no electricity, I was walking in a hallway with up and down stairs that look like a maze and there were rooms and doors left and right with people fixing their stuff. It was pitch black and every time I passed by I would say “Just passing through.” Then all of a sudden it struck me! Its pitch black and how on earth were they able to fix their bed or fold their cloths? So I looked back and there they were, I realized that right after I said “Just passing through,” they would stop whatever they’re doing and start following me. I was as if they were stunned that I could see them! They had dark glaring eyes at me and that’s when I knew they were bad spirits.

I was locked in a pitched dark room and there was this girl whom I thought she was also held captive but I was wrong. She was like a disciple of some sort; she was praying or chanting some sort of a spell or prayer. I felt she was trying to convert or possess me to whatever she believed to be, it seems that their goddess was a succubus and then I felt a weird aura around me and I know I was possessed! I was laughing like a lunatic and felt this energy or power that I couldn’t explain! The girl was talking to me and was about to help me stand up when I took her hand and started raping her! To think that I was raping my same gender and I was having fun with it!

I was trying to wake up and I know that I was half awake but I couldn’t get myself to open my eyes. I could hear my friend calling me but the dream was too string! I felt that I was really possessed or my soul was still in the spirit world of dreams! I still couldn’t believe it!

After raping the girl I went out of the room and back in the hallway and using my cellular phone as a flashlight and looking for those evil spirits but they weren’t there. I was still laughing and smiling like a crazy person and I saw the girl running away. I felt a chill at the back of my spine and I know someone or something was behind me. I turned around and there was a spirit glaring at me she was a kid. I was smirking and she the kid was about to say something or warn me when I felt my friends hand on my arm and she was waking me up. I was mumbling something I still can’t open my eyes but this time I know that I was awake.

I asked my friend why she woke me up and she said, “Binabangungot ka!” She said I was making sounds or mumbling or groaning repeatedly so she woke me up. My body felt heavy and I felt really tired from that dream.

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