A Glimpse of My Office Work :D

It was our 2nd week in the new office and since I’m with the Product Development Team, we were in charge in setting up the sample room. The sample room is a mini walk in closet that has a variety of denims like jackets, jeans, shorts, skirt, and so on and so forth that are imported and we use them as a reference. We had to segregate the old from the new, the ones that we liked and the only we wanted to disposed. It took use a day and a half to finish… but wait it doesn’t stop there… I couldn’t stop myself and I had to take pictures! These were taken from my cell phone and I haven’t gotten the one from the company’s DSLR. I’ll try to post it when I get a chance in the office :D

Flores Pangasinan (Manaog & Mangatarem) Trip | 08.29.2010

There's always a first time for everyone but having an a lot of 1st time experience for a day... NOW THAT’S AN EXPERIENCE!!!

We left Mandalyuong around 5AM and we arrived at Our Lady of Manaog past 10AM!!! The driver was really driving so slowly, which was so irritating!!! What a waste of time?!?! I was all used to arriving really early and that was the first time that we were late for mass. It was even the first time experiencing a lot of people there, we had a hard time looking for a place to park, we didn't find a place to eat brunch and we ended up asking permission from a stranger if we could dine in his bamboo made stall along the road. It was like a mini picnic and that's what I enjoyed the most.

As usual, we got lost going to Mangatarem, we kept asking every tricycle driver how to get to San Carlos. My Dad and uncle can't remember the way from Manaog to San Carlos, but whenever we reach San Carlos, they know how to get to Mangatarem. I was totally craving for Putong Calasiao, so we had to stop at Calasiao to buy some puto and kutsinta. I think we arrived at Mangatarem past 2PM. We rested, had lunch, chit-chatted with my relatives and left around 4PM.

We arrived in Mandalyuong around 8PM, it was a tiring travel and I blame it all on the driver! Its not a good experience …REALLY!!! If he could at least drive a bit faster, we could have been in Manaog a lot earlier and I could have enjoyed catching up with my cousin in Mangatarem. Instead, we had to cut our bonding moment short because if we stayed longer in Mangatarem, we might arrive in Mandaluyong around 11PM!

The best experience I had was the mini picnic, buying puto and kutsinta from Calasiao, catching up with my cousin and of course, my aunt’s tupig! :D

NOTE: Next time you’re going to rent a van and a driver, ask how fast they drive…

Ice Breaker Moment:
Dad: "Manong, san papuntang San Carlos?"
Manong: "San Carlos? Naku! MALAYO YUN!"
I told myself, "Manong, alam namin malayo pero ang tanong namin SAN papunta dun!"

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