Two Funerals - My Premiere Night Experience and Movie Review


Gil Portes

Enrique V. Ramos

Tessie Tomas
Xian Lim
Jeffrey Quizon
Robert Arevalo
Benjie Felipe
Mon Confiado
Princess Manzon

Special Jury Prize
People's Choice Award
Best in Screenplay
Best in Cinematography
Best Director in Cinemalaya 2010

After a terrible bus accident with a number of victims that perished, Cito and Pilar Buensuceso mourn for their daughter’s death. Their daughter, Carmela “Charm” was soon to be wed with Gerry before the she was killed in the accident. Her father and fiancé brought her home to Tuguegarao, Cagayan and when Pilar opened Charm’s casket she was stunned to see a middle aged man. Cito had a heart attack after finding out this happened while Pilar and Gerry were furious! Pilar and Gerry left for Gapan, Nueva Ecija to find out that her daughter’s body was accidentally sent to the middle-aged man, Salvador “Dodong” Buenviaje’s hometown in Matnog, Sorsogon. They set off with two of Gerry’s friends to claim Charms body and give her proper burial.

Meanwhile, in Matnog, Mulong received the grief news that his older brother, Dodong has passed away due to a bus accident and his casket arrived with the news as well. This is when we found out that the middle-aged man was a fugitive and became a hitman. Mulong was also surprised to see Charm’s body in the casket instead of his brother. Since there was bounty in his brother’s head, Mulong and his friend Lucio took advantage of the opportunity to get the reward and make a profit by arranging a wake that was supposed to be for his brother.
The setting of the story takes place during Holy Week, as Pilar travels from one town to another, there different scenarios on how they take Holy Week seriously and how some disregard it.

I went to the premiere night of “Two Funerals” with two of my friends, Ate Mae and Celica, and thank goodness I asked them to come along! After being so busy with work and being out of my social life, I forgot how premiere nights really were. Lots of people, media, games, freebies, the red carpet, the cast, the director, the interviews, the picture taking and of course the thank you speeches! I really wonder how or what I’d look like if my friends weren’t there with me, I guess I wouldn’t have fun at all. We stood near the reception table and all of a sudden Will DeVaughn arrived! Ate Mae has this huge crush on him that I automatically followed him so I can get a lot of picture for her. Next thing I know, we were already in front of the stage and the cast started arriving. The camera men, reporters and photographers started to barge in on them and I went with them. I took pictures like I was with the media but I was only using my cellphone camera and I enjoyed it! I also noticed that Celica was also taking pictures and the funny thing is, she was taking picture of almost every guys denim jeans that she could use as an additional info for her report at work! The best part of it was Ate Mae, Celica and I didn’t expect we’d seethe cast and of course Director Gil Portes up close.

I was overwhelmed with Gil Portes when I saw him, especially when he was saying his thank you speech and when he asked if everyone can go inside the movie house. I loved his voice, on how heartfelt he said his speech, I was also surprised that he was only a few seats away from us and we were in the deluxe section. Later did I realize that he was observing the audio, he would shout “Louder!” or “Sounds! Sounds!” and I loved that about him.

I really loved this indie film, it’s a drama and comedy film, everyone was laughing when there was a funny scene, almost everyone applauded and when it came it the drama part everyone was quiet as if the scenario was sinking into them. Tessie Tomas did a great job in acting as strong mother and wife as she travel, I loved how Xiam Lim cried and how Jeffrey Quizon made me laugh with his acting. The story was well plotted, there questions that was raised during the movie and a shocking twist in the end. If you’re a romantic comedy, a melodrama movie person or a movie person that loves a deep story then you’ll definitely love this movie.

For my overall rating, I give “Two Funerals” an 8 out of 10.

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