HEARTBEAT - Enrique Iglesias ft. Nicole Scherzinger

My friend told me to listen tho Enrique Iglesias "Heartbeat" and I instantly fell in love with the song! I love the sexy beat and the lyrics. I can listen to it for hours and it really makes me want to dance even if I'm at work. If you're a party person, you'll like the song. Here's a live version of their song that I saw in YouTube

Malcom's Burger

When my friend, Mel, arrived from Davao last week we went straight to Quezon City to meet up our college friends. Our friend Rochelle was working in ABS-CBN and she requested that we meet somewhere in Mother Ignacia, we were supposed to eat at Wicked Kitchen but since we got lost we arrived at ABS-CBN around 2am. Good thing Malcolm’s Burger is open 24hours! First thing that I noticed were the furniture, I like their chairs and the connecting glass tables that had a different heights.

My brother and I shared our food because we didn’t want a heavy meal since it was more of a midnight snack.

We ordered their Deja Blue burger and Malcom’s Pesto Formaggio

Deja Blue Php 155.00 
Creamy blue cheese, the amount of blue cheese was just right and it really tasted like blue cheese.

Malcom’s Pesto Formaggio Php 145.00
I love pesto and cheese and therefore I LOVE THIS PIZZA! It has mozzarella, parmesan, mozzarella, blue and cottage cheese with pesto :D
This reminds me of the old fashioned pizza, crispy thin crust pizza that you can really taste more of the toppings that the bread.

Malcom’s Burger is at
141 Mother Ignacia St. Brgy. South Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City  (near Fitness First)

For more info you can call them at  (02) 355-3348

Freego on Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

I already got my ticket for Freego's fashion show on October 28th! 

I thought the tickets we for employees and sister companies only, I just found out yesterday that we could invite friend and family. I asked my cousin and couple of friends if they want to attend. I asked for 4 more tickets and I'm still waiting for Freego's reply, I hope I can those tickets for them. Anyone can attend the fashion show, the tickets is a free pass for seats :D

I'm going to make sure that I'll attend Freego's event since I wasn't able to attend Wranglers and its a must for sister companies who got tickets.


Forever21 is really having a sale this weekend; I got all hyped and started checking their online shop. I really love accessories, dresses and skirts! It seems that I had a lot of saving it’s all going to one store! (LOL)

I picked these out from Forever21, I’m always into vintage and abstracts, what’s your F21 wish list? 

Brother & Sister Bonding - My 10-10-10 Photo Moment

My brother and I always kept an online journal, I don't really remember who inspired who since both of us love reading and writing since we were kids. Yesterday, I was surprised that he texted me, asking how I earn through blogging; so I told him that I use Blogger, Nuffnang and Entrecard. I was really surprised this morning when he woke up and told me he already registered to all of them!

My brother asked for my helped on how to get around Nuffnang and Entrecard, after reading Azrael's 10-10-10 photo moment contest, I really had to grab this opportunity! This is like a once in a lifetime bonding, we usually bond over food and now we have a new one. It seems that we're going to compete on who has the most unique views per day and most number of blog entries!

Check out his blog at Write's Blot

AL BATRA Restaurant & Coffee Shop

Growing up in the U.A.E. and knowing how Arabic and Persian food really taste like is a big challenge here in the Philippines. I've been exploring a couple of restaurants and Al Batra Restaurant and Coffee Shop is one of the best Arabic restaurants I've ate at. My brother saw this a few months ago when we strolling around Makati Ave with one of our friends. The first time I went there was a month ago with my brother and Mel, who just arrived from Davao. The next one was right after the Intensity Concert with Ate Mae and Yvette.

Its really affordable and their smallest serving for mixed grills are good for 3 person!
Did I mention that they're open 24hours? You read that right! They're open day and night to serve us!

Mixed Al Batra Appetizer Php 180.00
The Mixed Al Batra Appetizer is a mixture of hummos, tabula, baba ghanouj, mutable and green salad.

Chicken Mixed Grill Php 300.00
Chicken Mixed Grilled is a mixture of shish tawook and chicken kebab

Al Batra Bread Php 20.00 each
The Al Batra bread is the size of a medium plate

Looks can be deceiving, at first I thought the food we order wasn't enough, to my surprise a small order of the Chicken Mix Grill and 3 Al Batra Bread was really heavy!

I also suggest you try the Mixed Grill which is only Php330.00, its a combination of grilled meat kebab, lamb chop and shish tawook. They also have my all time favorite white cheese and zathar bread for Php 100.00 each.

You can visit them at
2/F Constellation Street corner Makati Ave
Its right above 7-Eleven, Pan de Manila and Pizza Hut

You can also check their facebook

AL BATRA Restaurant and Coffee Shop

Charlie St. Cloud - Live.Love.Let Go

Burr Steers

Craig Pearce
Lewis Colick

Zac Efron
Charlie Tahan
Kim Basinger
Amanda Crew
Dave Franco
Augustus Prew
Ray Liotta
Donal Logue

Charlie and Sam St. Cloud were close brothers; Charlie who is on his way to studying in Stanford University with a sailing scholarship and his younger brother, Sam who is into baseball were inseparable. Charlie promised Sam that he’ll practice baseball with him every sunset until he leaves for Stanford. Everything changed when they got into a car accident; Charlie survived and blamed himself for his brother’s death. During his brother’s funeral, Charlie couldn’t let go of Sam and of putting his brother baseball gloves in his coffin he ran into the woods, grieving and feeling guilty. Sam’s spirit appeared in front of him and Charlie continued his promise that they’ll meet there every sunset to practice.

Five years has passed, Charlie forgot about sailing, his scholarship and worked as a caretaker in a cemetery just to keep his promise. Tess Carroll, who was much in love with Charlie since high school, came back to town for a sailing competition and dreams of exploring the world as sailor. One morning, Charlie was working and saw Tess wounded near her father grave and helped her. Having hidden feelings for Tess, Charlie struggles as he balances his time for Sam and Tess, making him choose and sacrificing his love to either his brother or to the woman he loves.

Movie Review
Overwhelming! One word best described this movie and I have nothing else to say. If you're the type of person that loved a good drama then this movie is for you but if you're not then I'd think twice before watching this. Its the type of movie that you'd want someone to cuddle with or have someone pass you a handkerchief or tissue. If you're a type of movie goer that likes The Notebook, Lakehouse and Wicker Park then this is the movie for you.
There's just one thing though, it feels like the movie was cut short or was too fast for me. I'm thinking on buying the book.

My rating

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