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Growing up in the U.A.E. and knowing how Arabic and Persian food really taste like is a big challenge here in the Philippines. I've been exploring a couple of restaurants and Al Batra Restaurant and Coffee Shop is one of the best Arabic restaurants I've ate at. My brother saw this a few months ago when we strolling around Makati Ave with one of our friends. The first time I went there was a month ago with my brother and Mel, who just arrived from Davao. The next one was right after the Intensity Concert with Ate Mae and Yvette.

Its really affordable and their smallest serving for mixed grills are good for 3 person!
Did I mention that they're open 24hours? You read that right! They're open day and night to serve us!

Mixed Al Batra Appetizer Php 180.00
The Mixed Al Batra Appetizer is a mixture of hummos, tabula, baba ghanouj, mutable and green salad.

Chicken Mixed Grill Php 300.00
Chicken Mixed Grilled is a mixture of shish tawook and chicken kebab

Al Batra Bread Php 20.00 each
The Al Batra bread is the size of a medium plate

Looks can be deceiving, at first I thought the food we order wasn't enough, to my surprise a small order of the Chicken Mix Grill and 3 Al Batra Bread was really heavy!

I also suggest you try the Mixed Grill which is only Php330.00, its a combination of grilled meat kebab, lamb chop and shish tawook. They also have my all time favorite white cheese and zathar bread for Php 100.00 each.

You can visit them at
2/F Constellation Street corner Makati Ave
Its right above 7-Eleven, Pan de Manila and Pizza Hut

You can also check their facebook

AL BATRA Restaurant and Coffee Shop

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