Brother & Sister Bonding - My 10-10-10 Photo Moment


My brother and I always kept an online journal, I don't really remember who inspired who since both of us love reading and writing since we were kids. Yesterday, I was surprised that he texted me, asking how I earn through blogging; so I told him that I use Blogger, Nuffnang and Entrecard. I was really surprised this morning when he woke up and told me he already registered to all of them!

My brother asked for my helped on how to get around Nuffnang and Entrecard, after reading Azrael's 10-10-10 photo moment contest, I really had to grab this opportunity! This is like a once in a lifetime bonding, we usually bond over food and now we have a new one. It seems that we're going to compete on who has the most unique views per day and most number of blog entries!

Check out his blog at Write's Blot

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