Charlie St. Cloud - Live.Love.Let Go


Burr Steers

Craig Pearce
Lewis Colick

Zac Efron
Charlie Tahan
Kim Basinger
Amanda Crew
Dave Franco
Augustus Prew
Ray Liotta
Donal Logue

Charlie and Sam St. Cloud were close brothers; Charlie who is on his way to studying in Stanford University with a sailing scholarship and his younger brother, Sam who is into baseball were inseparable. Charlie promised Sam that he’ll practice baseball with him every sunset until he leaves for Stanford. Everything changed when they got into a car accident; Charlie survived and blamed himself for his brother’s death. During his brother’s funeral, Charlie couldn’t let go of Sam and of putting his brother baseball gloves in his coffin he ran into the woods, grieving and feeling guilty. Sam’s spirit appeared in front of him and Charlie continued his promise that they’ll meet there every sunset to practice.

Five years has passed, Charlie forgot about sailing, his scholarship and worked as a caretaker in a cemetery just to keep his promise. Tess Carroll, who was much in love with Charlie since high school, came back to town for a sailing competition and dreams of exploring the world as sailor. One morning, Charlie was working and saw Tess wounded near her father grave and helped her. Having hidden feelings for Tess, Charlie struggles as he balances his time for Sam and Tess, making him choose and sacrificing his love to either his brother or to the woman he loves.

Movie Review
Overwhelming! One word best described this movie and I have nothing else to say. If you're the type of person that loved a good drama then this movie is for you but if you're not then I'd think twice before watching this. Its the type of movie that you'd want someone to cuddle with or have someone pass you a handkerchief or tissue. If you're a type of movie goer that likes The Notebook, Lakehouse and Wicker Park then this is the movie for you.
There's just one thing though, it feels like the movie was cut short or was too fast for me. I'm thinking on buying the book.

My rating

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