How Do You Eat Your Frozen Yogurt?

That question kept on repeating in my head ever since my brother laughed and commented on how I eat my frozen yogurt. 
My favorite toppings are blueberries, cereal and nuts, I always taste the tip of my froyo first then I get a small portion of each topping and then I have this habit of mixing all the toppings and fro-yo together making them look like an ordinary ice cream.
My brother was surprised when he saw me mixing them and blurted “Talagang hinalo mo sila!?” (You really mixed all of them!?)

So let me ask you, “How do you eat your froyo?”

I had the BEST MASSAGE and it’s ALWAYS FREE!!!

Yes, you read it right! I just had the best massage in the world and I got it for free and it will always be free! It’s home service, I get to choose what oil to use, I love the chit chats that we have and I also got to drink hot tea after that “Oh so…” wonderful massage. I never knew it was always in front of me and after 25 years I realized that I am one of the lucky people! She has the softest hands, the pressure is just right and she makes sure you’ll feel all relaxed and stress-free. She is the best there is and she’s my wonderful mother! 
I guess it runs in the family, we have gifted hands when it comes to giving a good massage and I feel like it’s a requirement for us. I’d remember when I was a kid my dad would always ask me to massage his forehead before going to sleep, then during high school a family friend of ours taught me how to give a full body massage. It was actually helpful especially when my dad had a stroke back then. 
It was back in August when I had my last massage; I was always busy and didn’t have the time to go to the spa. When October arrived, I started to feel backaches and it was nightmare! This week was really toxic for me, I had this viral infection with some allergic component (that was what the doctor said) which I thought were measles, I had a ton load of work that I stayed 2 extra hours in the office. I decided to chill and relax tonight since it a long weekend. I met up with my college friend, Tinsley, and then we saw Az who invited us to watch the “Megamall Atrium Holiday Collection Fashion Show 2010” and after that Tinsley and I went to Starbucks beside Discovery Suites. When I got home I was tired and my back was killing me. Good thing my parents were visiting this long weekend, I asked mom if she give me a massage and good thing she did!
I have to admit that it felt like heaven! I kept on burping the whole time she was massaging me and even after she was done. She told me that I had a lot of “hangin,” she offered hot tea but I told her that I’ll make it myself so she get her beauty sleep. Having that awesome massage then sipping a mug (yes, a mug) of hot tea I feel all stress free and relaxed! Nothing beats a mother’s tender touch and loving care! I LOVE YOU MOM!!!

"Amazing Butterscotch" by Gardenia

Kuya, along with his students, went to Gardenia’s factory and behold Gardenia’s new product....

At first sight, I thought Gardenia made a ready to eat French toast and next thing I know it was butterscotch! I love bread, my favorite is French toast and I never thought of having butterscotch as a bread! Its the next best thing! Its sweet plus has butterscotch bits on the bread and the forever yummy soft bread of Gardenia.


Enjoy the pictures!!!!

I'm not sure when its going to be out in the market but I do know that they're going to sell it for Php 67.00

Ten Years Later... Mr. Kurosawa It Is!!!

Irish, my good of friend of mine, was back from Dubai. It has been a decade, and it’s not an exaggeration, it been 10 years since I last saw her. We always chat, text, see each other on Facebook and we finally decided to have a mini reunion. We met at Eastwood City with her cute puppy, Duchess, we were suppose to try Johnny Rockets but it was too loud for me since I was all tired and stressed. I needed a place that was quiet and less people as much as possible. We saw Mr. Kurosawa and since Irish already tried it there, I gave in. It seems I’m into places that are quiet, dark, out of the ordinary and less people, I always want to enjoy my meal with a good chat and not hearing too much noise. 

I allowed Irish to take the lead on ordering and while waiting for our orders we chatted away on what happened during the long period of not bonding together. Come to think of it, Irish was right that, we came a long way from playing mud pies, sleepovers, and girlish talks about our crushes during elementary days and now we were talking about serious relationships, work, writing, photography, some insights on blogging and yes my never ending lecture of jeans.

I loved that evening, tons of laughter and food. So here’s what we ordered and what I think

Crunchy Hollywood Php 278.00
It has fried kani (crab) sticks, slices of cucumber, mangoes and Japanese mayo for the dressing. It was the first time that I tried the shredded fried kani sticks and it tasted good. It reminded me of maling fries though, maybe because of the color and texture. A must try to those who like to explore different types of food. 

Crunchy Kani Roll Php 168.00
Another fried kani sticks and this time it was with maki that has cucumber and the ordinary kani. I really forgot how this tasted and all I could remember is the fried kani sticks.

California Maki Php 218.00
The traditional California is always ordered and all I could say is "Too much mayo!" 

Beef Di Caprio Php 208.00
Loved this meal! I’m really curious how they made the outer part of the beef cooked and the center raw. I loved how the spicy feeling, I love spicy food and this is just right. I wonder why they called it Beef Di Caprio. Maybe because the beef was hot and since Leonardo Di Caprio is hot as well?!

Aside from the food, here are some more pictures from that night, while we were waiting for our dinnner....

It was my first at Mr. Kurosawa and I liked it. After a tiring day at work, it was just right for me and it was good place to bond with a friend.

Jewels by G - Mom's Hand Made Rosary Necklace

I was browsing my through my pictures and found some of my mother’s hand made jewelries. I was helping her set up an online shop in Multiply and these were some of her made to order rosary necklaces. These were ordered by my best friend. Some are Swarovski and some are Chinese crystals. 

This one is my favorite, the lock is just above the golden ball. 
Mom used 10K gold wires, gold balls and Swarovski. I so love the cross.

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