I had the BEST MASSAGE and it’s ALWAYS FREE!!!


Yes, you read it right! I just had the best massage in the world and I got it for free and it will always be free! It’s home service, I get to choose what oil to use, I love the chit chats that we have and I also got to drink hot tea after that “Oh so…” wonderful massage. I never knew it was always in front of me and after 25 years I realized that I am one of the lucky people! She has the softest hands, the pressure is just right and she makes sure you’ll feel all relaxed and stress-free. She is the best there is and she’s my wonderful mother! 
I guess it runs in the family, we have gifted hands when it comes to giving a good massage and I feel like it’s a requirement for us. I’d remember when I was a kid my dad would always ask me to massage his forehead before going to sleep, then during high school a family friend of ours taught me how to give a full body massage. It was actually helpful especially when my dad had a stroke back then. 
It was back in August when I had my last massage; I was always busy and didn’t have the time to go to the spa. When October arrived, I started to feel backaches and it was nightmare! This week was really toxic for me, I had this viral infection with some allergic component (that was what the doctor said) which I thought were measles, I had a ton load of work that I stayed 2 extra hours in the office. I decided to chill and relax tonight since it a long weekend. I met up with my college friend, Tinsley, and then we saw Az who invited us to watch the “Megamall Atrium Holiday Collection Fashion Show 2010” and after that Tinsley and I went to Starbucks beside Discovery Suites. When I got home I was tired and my back was killing me. Good thing my parents were visiting this long weekend, I asked mom if she give me a massage and good thing she did!
I have to admit that it felt like heaven! I kept on burping the whole time she was massaging me and even after she was done. She told me that I had a lot of “hangin,” she offered hot tea but I told her that I’ll make it myself so she get her beauty sleep. Having that awesome massage then sipping a mug (yes, a mug) of hot tea I feel all stress free and relaxed! Nothing beats a mother’s tender touch and loving care! I LOVE YOU MOM!!!

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