Ten Years Later... Mr. Kurosawa It Is!!!


Irish, my good of friend of mine, was back from Dubai. It has been a decade, and it’s not an exaggeration, it been 10 years since I last saw her. We always chat, text, see each other on Facebook and we finally decided to have a mini reunion. We met at Eastwood City with her cute puppy, Duchess, we were suppose to try Johnny Rockets but it was too loud for me since I was all tired and stressed. I needed a place that was quiet and less people as much as possible. We saw Mr. Kurosawa and since Irish already tried it there, I gave in. It seems I’m into places that are quiet, dark, out of the ordinary and less people, I always want to enjoy my meal with a good chat and not hearing too much noise. 

I allowed Irish to take the lead on ordering and while waiting for our orders we chatted away on what happened during the long period of not bonding together. Come to think of it, Irish was right that, we came a long way from playing mud pies, sleepovers, and girlish talks about our crushes during elementary days and now we were talking about serious relationships, work, writing, photography, some insights on blogging and yes my never ending lecture of jeans.

I loved that evening, tons of laughter and food. So here’s what we ordered and what I think

Crunchy Hollywood Php 278.00
It has fried kani (crab) sticks, slices of cucumber, mangoes and Japanese mayo for the dressing. It was the first time that I tried the shredded fried kani sticks and it tasted good. It reminded me of maling fries though, maybe because of the color and texture. A must try to those who like to explore different types of food. 

Crunchy Kani Roll Php 168.00
Another fried kani sticks and this time it was with maki that has cucumber and the ordinary kani. I really forgot how this tasted and all I could remember is the fried kani sticks.

California Maki Php 218.00
The traditional California is always ordered and all I could say is "Too much mayo!" 

Beef Di Caprio Php 208.00
Loved this meal! I’m really curious how they made the outer part of the beef cooked and the center raw. I loved how the spicy feeling, I love spicy food and this is just right. I wonder why they called it Beef Di Caprio. Maybe because the beef was hot and since Leonardo Di Caprio is hot as well?!

Aside from the food, here are some more pictures from that night, while we were waiting for our dinnner....

It was my first at Mr. Kurosawa and I liked it. After a tiring day at work, it was just right for me and it was good place to bond with a friend.

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