Earrings by Yours Truly

A few days ago, my cousin posted pictures of some accessories she made that are when I knew that my mom taught her how to make them. I commented on her album and said “Welcome to the club!” She asked to see some of my work and so I did. I just upload the picture and thought of blogging about it as well 

I made these last year and I was suppose to sell it online, since I got a new job last February I didn’t have the time to make a new batch. I miss making my own accessories especially earrings. I started making beaded bracelets and selling them to my classmates when I was in grade school and then I stopped. After college, my mom started making accessories but on her end she used crystals and stones. 

Here are some of my earrings

I need more practice and more inspiration. I hope I can have some time to go Quiapo and buy some materials. I really miss accessory making.

What do guys think of my earrings?


Its 2011!!!! I’m a month late on blogging and I’m going to make a different approach for this year. I realized that I was all into making a profit in blogging that I forgot all the fun and love in it, so this year I’ll focus more on the love than the money. We all have to admit that we need to earn but I’ll be taking it lightly this year. I was checking my files at home and in the office and I realized that I was so unorganized and not up to date with everything, so I started this year with filing everything properly and let’s see what will happen from there.

January was a really challenging month for me; the first two weeks was a lot of negative emotions and I was at a point of giving up, I’d really have to thank the Bruno boy, Harold, Celica and my brother for being there. They all know what I’ve been going through and thank God I have good friends! There is one thing that really surprised me last month and I never expected it as well… I went for confession!!! No one pressured me, no one pushed me to the confession room and there weren’t any angry voices from left to right shouting “Nica!!!! Mag kumpisal ka na!” I was already on the edge and I needed help, even though there are friends and family it seems that the comforts and good advices weren’t enough.

My brother kept telling me that St. John Bosco’s relic was here in the Philippines so we opted to visit him at Mary Help in Better Living with my Mom, Mia, my Aunt and of course my cousin Dhey.  I do admit that after the visit and confession, I was all enlightened and felt at ease.

Stress and challenges at work is still there. After one challenge there’s always another, I’m trying my best to keep up and I’m trying to do everything I can to surpass it. Let’s see what this years is in store for me.  

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