Earrings by Yours Truly


A few days ago, my cousin posted pictures of some accessories she made that are when I knew that my mom taught her how to make them. I commented on her album and said “Welcome to the club!” She asked to see some of my work and so I did. I just upload the picture and thought of blogging about it as well 

I made these last year and I was suppose to sell it online, since I got a new job last February I didn’t have the time to make a new batch. I miss making my own accessories especially earrings. I started making beaded bracelets and selling them to my classmates when I was in grade school and then I stopped. After college, my mom started making accessories but on her end she used crystals and stones. 

Here are some of my earrings

I need more practice and more inspiration. I hope I can have some time to go Quiapo and buy some materials. I really miss accessory making.

What do guys think of my earrings?

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