KCAT Yarza's "MAY Birthday Project 2011"



My most awaited project is here! I have been waiting to ask Tack about this since last month but I never got the chance to text her since I've been busy with work.

So here it is everyone! 

source : from Kcat Yarza's Facebook 

To know more about KCAT Yarza's MAY Birthday Project 2011, visit her website at

Since 2007, Kcat started her MAY Birthday Project by celebrating her birthday and giving gifts to children in PGH. I have been helping my friend for 2 years and this would be my third year, I always give coloring books and crayons for the kids to enjoy and I'm still thinking if I should continue giving that this year or I should give toys instead. 

I'm thinking of giving coloring books and crayons, or toys or toiletries, what would you suggest?

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