Getting Married - The Planning


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I have been planning my wedding since February and I have to admit that it’s a lot of work. I spent one whole day on Google and on searching for venues and caterers. My first choice was Savory since they’re my favorite restaurant but I decided to look for other options. So as I checked for caterers and venues, I sent emails and texted them. Some replied as soon as they got my text, some called, some replied thru email and some didn’t bother to entertain my inquiry.

My fiancé, James, and I are on a tight budget of Php 75,000 for the venue, catering, photo and video coverage.  I have to admit… It’s very challenging indeed!

Here’s a list of ideas and plans for my wedding:
-   It’s going to be a civil wedding since we have different religions
-   Black & white color motif, I want it to be a simple and elegant
-   The wedding is going to on the 3rd week of August or the 1st week of September.
    Why? My brother and James are working abroad, that the month they can come home.
-   I want it to be garden wedding but I’m open to other suggestions
-   I’m going to wear an elegant and simple cocktail dress :)
-   I want everyone to wear white on my wedding dress and white only!
-   I want a bridal brooch bouquet
-   I’m going to do my own make up
-   My mom & I are thinking of making brooch as souvenirs, especially for the sponsors
-   I’m thinking of designing my own invitations

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