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Monica Olivia Chua, also known as Nicavia or Nicavia Chua, ever since high school has fell in love with the cyber world and has been writing online journals long before Friendster, MySpace and Multiply started. Born on March 19 in the Philippines and grew up in the United Arab Emirates, she loves reading, writing poetries, long stories and expresses what she has in mind. May it be about food, movies, songs, and anything that gets her attention and she finds interesting. 

Picking Up My Pieces is her online diary on what she thinks of her own interest, may it be a good review or not it’s her insight. Nicavia has had multiple journals and stops writing on some of them if she closes a certain chapter of her life. She called this blog “Picking Up My Pieces” because she wanted to continue blogging with less negativity as possible and focusing more on the positive side of things.  It’s should have been “Picking Up Where I Left Off” but then decided to change the title the last minute. 

“Picking Up My Pieces pertains to my life explorations, as I try a new dish, use a new brand of makeup, watch a new movie or TV series; this is what I call MY PIECES that I PICKED UP as I travel along this so called life that I have. I love writing, I love this blog of mine and I love exploring.” – NiCaVia Chua

If you have any questions or you would like to contact her, you can send her an email to nicavia[dot]chua[at]gmail[dot]com

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